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Bogutovačka Banja (Bogutovacka Spa)

Bogutovačka banja (spa) is located in central Serbia, 200km south of Belgrade and 23km from town of Kraljevo. It can be reached by the main road (Ibarska magistrala) Belgrade-Kraljevo, followed by a 2.5km local road.

This spa lies at 520m above the sea level and its climate is mild-continental, with no fog, no sudden oscillations in air pressure and specific air currents mixing.

Its mineral water is 24 to 27 Celsius degree, it can be used for drinking and bathing and, it is very effective for nerves. That is why it is also called "Neuro-Banja" (spa for the nerves) and "the source of a new life".

Bogutovačka banja spa is situated in a beautiful landscape: forests of surrounding mountains, river Lopatnica, cultural and historical monuments, monasteries Studenica, Žiča and the medieval town of Maglič.

Beside medical facilities, it is also well organized for sport tourism and recreation and, there are many entertainment contents.

Medical indications:
  • nerve system functioning diseases
  • neuralgia
  • neurosis
  • nerves inflammations
  • heart nervousness

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