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Bukovička Banja (Bukovicka Spa)

Bukovička Banja is situated 76km from Belgrade (via Mladenovac), at 256m above sea-level. It is located in Aranđelovac, at the base of Bukulja mountain.

Bukovička Banja is one of the most important, best equipped, and most visited in Serbia. There is one hot and 4 cold mineral water springs. Its carbonic-acid alkaline water is one of the most famous in Europe and in the world, good for the treatment of various diseases.

At personal request of prince (knez) Miloš Obrenović, in mid-nineteenth century, it was bottled and served on the court as a table water during the meals.

In the first decade of XX century it was manually bottled under the name "Knjaz Miloš", from the 1000m deep spring, also named after prince Miloš.

On many occasiones, this mineral water won medals for quality: 1906. in Brussels; 1907. in London; 1996. in Varna and, once again in Brussels.

In the "Bukovička Banja" medical center, the most recent and modern methods are implemented in the treatment of gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary system diseases, respiratory diseases, musculo-skeletal system injuries and diseases.

Bukovička Banja Spa

For two centuries this mineral water has been used for drinking and treatment of various diseases. Even nowadays, Bukovička Spa is much appreciated for the beneficial effects of the mineral water, clay and climate, and for the modern approach in medical tratament of many diseasess.


  • chronic stomach and intestines diseases
  • chronic diseases of liver and bile
  • urinary organs diseases
  • arthritis and other rheumatic diseases
  • posttraumatic conditions

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