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Prolom Banja

Prolom Banja spa is located in south of Serbia, 290km from Belgrade, 82km from Niš and 23km from town of Kuršumlija. It can be reached by highway Belgrade-Niš, and then by the regional road Niš-Rudare.

This spa lies at 550-668m above sea level, its mild continental climate and lush vegetation have a stimulating effect on human body and its immune system.

The waters of Prolom Banja spa are nitric - sulphurous - siliceous, low mineralized, of temperature 19 - 34 Celsius degree. It is used for drinking and inhaling and it doesn't have an unpleasant taste or odor. It is bottled and sold under the name "Prolom Voda", and it become a very popular one due to its diuretic and bactericide effects.

There is also mineral mud that is used in treatments.

In the Prolom Banja spa, a special "Beauty treatment" is carried out that includes bioelectrical toning of the face, complex cellulite treatment, manual massage and special "bioptron" lamp treatment.

At the guests disposal there is also a gym, swimming pool, kinesis room and the “health tracks”

Prolom Banja Spa

In the immediate vicinage of the Prolom Banja spa there is a unique wonder of nature called "Đavolja Varoš" (Devil's Town). This "sculpture" of 202 pyramid-like forms, heights 2 to 15 meters, with the andesitic caps on the top, occurred as a result of erosion. This is an absolute must-see spot.

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