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Sokobanja Spa

Sokobanja spa is situated in a valley between mountains Ozren and Rtanj in south-eastern Serbia on the banks of river Moravica; 400 meters above see level. It takes 230km by highway from the capital city of Belgrade and 60km from the city of Niš. It has a 165 years long tradition as a tourist destination.

As a natural spa it was known way back in Roman times. The first written records, regarding its therapeutic qualities date back to year 1672.

The comforting effect of temperate continental climate, high concentration of oxygene, ozone and negative ions; optimal air pressure, absence of air-polution, only few fog and windy days, as well as specific elements in the air and oligomineral waters, that is used for bath and inhalation, makes this place an ideal for spa-climate treatment of various diseases and conditions.

Sokobanja Spa

Today, Sokobanja for well known health center with several medical facilities.


  • respiratory diseases
  • rheumatic diseases
  • posttraumatic conditions
  • gynecological diseases
  • neuralgia, peripheral nerve injuryes, neurosis
  • light forms of Parkinson's disease
  • stress syndrome
  • mental and phisical exhaustion
  • light form of hypertensione

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