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Internet for visitors

WiFi Internet Access

Most hotels, some cafes and other public places (libraries, McDonalds, etc) offer WiFi internet access. If you require internet access, please check with your hotel before arrival. Do not expect to find WiFi access points at railway stations and similar public places.

Prepaid Mobile Internet Access

All three Serbian mobile operators offer prepaid internet. Coverage and speed are very good. You will have to buy a USB modem and a SIM card. The easiest way to buy these as a visitor or tourist is in one of the many outlets throughout the city. For details please check the operator websites:

Dial-up Internet Access

You can use the following numbers for quick internet dial-up access. They are charged on the phone bill so they don't require any kind of contract or account settings. The rate is the same from anywhere in Serbia.

  • 042 420 423, username: net, password: net Details
  • 042 410 669, username: net, password: net Details
  • 042 420 421, username: internet, password: internet Details

Internet Cafes

There are many internet cafes throughout the major cities, specially around the city centers

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