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Serbian Beer

Serbia's beer ("pivo") isn't really well-known or famous outside of its national borders. This is mostly because Serbian breweries only target the domestic market.

Beer for home consumption is mostly sold in half-litre glass bottles (if buyer doesn't have empty ones he can usually pay a deposit ("kaucija"), which is returned after returning the bottle to the retailer). 0.33L bottles are rarer and usually available in bars and cafes. Cans are less common even if canned beer could be of slightly better quality.

Recently, most breweries began packing their product in plastic Q-pack bottles of 1.5, 2 or even 2.5 litres. This beer is cheaper though equal in quality. It's intended for fast summer drinking (Serbs do appreciate a bottle or two).

It's worth noting that unlike in countries like the UK, Canada or certain states of the USA where beer is sold only in specialty beer and liquor stores, beer can be purchased in regular supermarkets and grocery stores all across Serbia.

Light beers (lagers) dominate in Serbia. Due to significantly lower consumption, dark beer is not as commonly present. Almost all breweries produce stouts in small quantities, but these are hard to find in the market.

Beer in glass bottles costs around 45 dinars (0.5 euros) per litre while in plastic it could go as low as 35 dinars (0.4 euros) per litre. Beer in pubs costs around 150 dinars (1.7 euros) per litre. In addition to various domestic brands, majority of bars serve the usual foreign fare of Heineken, Beck's, Carlsberg, Tuborg, etc.

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