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EXIT Summer Festival

EXIT Noise Summer Fest is the biggest music festival in South Eastern Europe. It takes place on a beautiful and magical fortress on the river banks of the Danube in Novi Sad every July since 2001. The number of visitors is increasing every year with people coming from all over Europe. Apart from the quality music program that it offers, you'll have great fun while enjoying the good atmosphere of the fortress as well as the positive energy of Novi Sad.

Have a look at more photos from the 2006 Exit Summer Fest


Novi Sad is located 80km north of Belgrade. It is a beautiful, friendly and easy going city, worth a visit on it's own, so we recommend that you stay in Novi Sad during the festival. You can reach Novi Sad by train or by bus from Belgrade (90 minutes) or Budapest (few hours). The festival site is a 20 minutes walk to the city centre, and there are cheap taxis available at all times if you are in need of lengthy journeys. Listed below are the phone numbers of some of the taxi companies, have them handy:

  • Radio Taxi 970, telephone: 970
  • Gradski taxi, telephone: 400555
  • Grand Taxi, telephones: 443100
  • Maxi Taxi, telephone: 24777
  • Zeleni Eko Taxi, telephone: 333333, 350390
  • Pan Taxi, telephone: 55555, 55530

Remember to prefix these numbers with +381-21 if dialing from a foreign mobile phone, and with 021 if calling from Serbia or a Serbian mobile.

The Festival Camp

If you're after the true spirit of the Exit Festival then we recommend that you try one of the local camp sites. They are the cheapest and friendliest way to experience EXIT. The campsite features showers, telephone, internet, mobile charge stands, information bureau and a camp shop with all basic food supplies.

The EXIT Hostel

A renovated hostel, in the centre of Novi Sad. There are rooms with 2, 3 and 4 single beds. The showers and toilets are separated into sections for women and men. The hostel is a great choice for anyone who wants to relax during the festival and to have a roof over his/her head. Nearby there are shops, taverns, restaurants, bars, and the centre of the city is five minutes away. Since the hostel is quickly sold out of rooms every year, and there is always a great interest for this kind of accommodation, we recommend that you make your reservation as soon as you can. The hostel is a 15 minutes walk from EXIT stages.


There are plenty of hotels in Novi Sad, most of which are 3 star and about 20 minutes from the festival site - for a full list and further information check out the Novi Sad tourist site:

Private Accommodation

Price for private accommodation is from 10 to 15 euros for one person a day. If you are looking for private accommodation, the forum on is a good place to start your search. You can see the complete offer there, as well as more detailed information about accommodation, addresses, etc.

Accommodation Tip

When booking your accommodation in a B&B or hotel, see if they have a website or email contact. If they have, then generally they're going to have modern amenities. If you're not fussy and just need somewhere where you can clean yourself up, and get some quiet sleep, most will do the job as long as you're not fussy about the decoration.

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