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Flying to Serbia

There are direct flights to Belgrade from most European cities. Budget airlines have recently started flying to Belgrade from various European cities so you might find cheap flights. The budget airlines that fly to Belgrade are (listed with connecting city/country):

All airlines land at the only Belgrade airport ("Nikola Tesla")


You can get to Belgrade by GermanWings from the following cities

  • Germany: Cologne, Berlin, Hanover, Leipzig, Rostock, Hamburg, Drezden, Stuttgart, Munich
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Croatia: Pula, Zadar
  • UK: London
  • Spain: Barcelona, Mallorca
  • Italy: Bologna

Fly Niki

You can get to Belgrade by Niki from the following cities

  • Austria: Vienna, Innsbruck
  • Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Munster, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Munich, Karlsruhe
  • France: Paris, Nice
  • Italy: Milan
  • Spain: Barcelona, Ibiza


You can get to Belgrade by WizzAir from the following cities

  • Sweden: Stokholm, Malme
  • Germany: Dortmund, Memmingen
  • Italy: Rome
  • UK: London
  • Holland: Eindhoven

The Niš airport occasionally has flights to some European cities. It is a convenient airport if travelling to southern parts of Serbia, such as Kopaonik or Kosovo. The trip by bus from Niš to Belgrade is about 3 hours long.

Serbian cities are also easily accessible from the following airports - Sofia, Zagreb, Budapest, Sarajevo and Ljubljana.

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