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Internet for visitors

Updated: 14/Feb/2019

Prepaid Mobile Internet

There are three mobile operators in Serbia: VIP Mobile, Telenor and the state owned Telekom mts. They all offer SIM cards with prepaid internet, some of which are tailored specifically for tourists (lots of data, short stays). Coverage and speed are generally good throughout the country.

VIP Mobile

Visitor SIM with 10GB for Internet traffic (unlimitted traffic for Viber, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp), valid for 14 days in national traffic. Cost: 990RSD (~8.5€)


Tourist SIM with 10GB internet traffic, valid for 15 days. Cost 545RSD (~5€)

Telekom MTS

They used to have a Tourist SIM, but this is no longer available. Currently they have the 3G Data SIM with 500MB for 300 RSD

WiFi Internet Access

Most hotels, cafes and other public places offer free WiFi internet access. If you're staying in an apartment double check with your host whether they have free wifi.

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