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Belgrade Sightseeing Tours

Belgrade is a fascinating city on the inside but you'll most likely need some guidance in discovering the gems and the soul of the city. This page tries to summarize the many different ways to explore it.

Bus Sightseeing Tours

BS Tours offers panoramic sightseeing tours by bus. City sightseeing from an open top tourist bus takes about 70 minutes. Start times are 11:00 am and 1:00 pm from Nikola Pašić Square (in front of City Parlament, across the street of the National Assembly).

Bicycle Tours

If you enjoy riding the bicycle, then the iBikeBelgrade Bike Tour is the right thing for you. During the tour your English speaking guide will tell you all about Belgrade, except for the boring stuff. Next to interesting facts about the (recent) history of Belgrade and some interesting urban myths, you will learn more about Belgrade today: the restaurants, the bars, the places to go or not to go, etc. On this bicycle-tour you will enjoy the rivers Danube and Sava, some architectural highlights of the socialist era of Yugoslavia, the old village of Zemun and the green and beautiful island of Ada with its beach. But please be warned: if you are only taking the tour to see beautiful things, don't come! We will pass some half-sunken ships and construction-sites. You will also see that not all architecture during the 60's was meant to be candy for the eye.

Boat Tours

A great way to get to understand some aspects of the Belgrade life is exploring it from its rivers, the Sava and the Danube. The following tour operators organize boat cruises which range from panoramic sightseeings of Belgrade from the rivers through dinner cruises to longer cruises outside of Belgrade.

  • Cruise Belgrade Choose from three of our Belgrade river sightseeing boat tours Day Tour, Sunset Tour, Night Tour, or rent out the whole boat for yourself.

Belgrade Nightlife Tours

The Belgrade at night is a free service, specializing in Night Clubs Service. Belgrade at Night has been in the business of Party Tourism since 2005.

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