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Serbian Spas

Map of Serbian Spas

There is over a thousand warm and cold mineral water springs in Serbia, along with a great great deal of natural mineral gases and medicinal mud. The benefits of these thermal springs are being enjoyed ever since the ancient Roman times. Today there are over fifty thermal resorts in Serbia, the spa therapies have been completely modified to take care of a variety of health conditions and illnesses and include consuming medical water or taking medical, therapeutic baths.

Serbia’s spas have grown into oases of greenery, peace and tranquillity. These are generally primarily situated in mild valleys or around the slopes of hillsides and are generally surrounded by forests. Natural scenery within the spas is accompanied by developed surroundings, parks and strolling paths. Contemporary accommodation, fields for sports activities and swimming pools accompany the basic health facilities offered in Serbian spas.

Nowadays, the spas are more and more going back to whatever they were in the past - places for relaxation, pleasure and recreation. Contemporary recreation buildings along with amenities for a number of sports, that also contain therapeutic massage salons and health and fitness centers, are now being integrated within the spas. Wellness programs are becoming extremely popular in Serbian spas during the last several years. The programmes involve health spa treatments that are perfect for preventing conditions, rejuvenating bodily and spiritual vitality, reviving skin elasticity as well as tightening ignored muscle tissue.

Serbian spas are generally well equipped for organizing congresses, workshops and seminars, in addition to physical workout sessions for various sport teams. The encompassing regions of the health spas include quite a few cultural, historic and natural sights, along with a wide selection of traditional and contemporary art events are organised frequently all year round.

The map on this page shows the location of the major spas in Serbia. Click on the markers to get to the detailed page for a specific spa, or simply use the links on the right hand side menu.

Serbian Spas
A Stream in Vrnjačka Banja

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Serbian Spas

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