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Mataruška Banja (Mataruska Spa)

Mataruška Banja is located in central Serbia, 180km from Belgrade and only 8km from the town of Kraljevo. It can be reached by the main road Belgrade-Kraljevo, or highway Belgrade-Niš via Kragujevac, and by train on the Belgrade-Kraljevo-Skoplje line. It has good connectivity to all parts of the country.

It lies on the right bank of the river Ibar at 215m above sea level, in a beautiful park. The mild-continental climate makes it an excellent destination for medical, sport and recreational tourism. The thermal-mineral springs with temperatures of 45 to 51 Celsius degree, contain lots of sulfur, up to 25mg/l.

Mataruška Banja contains many sport fields and halls, swimming pools, for training of sportsmen, recreation, schoolchildren recreational vacations. Business Congresses are often organized here.

It is surrounded by mountains Stolovi, Čemerno and Troglav, suitable for hunting, mountaineering, walking, and the river Ibar for fishing, swimming and rowing.

In the immediate vicinage there are several significant cultural and historical monuments, such as monasteries Žiča, Studenica, medieval town of Maglič.

Mataruška Banja Spa

Medical indications:

  • rheumatic diseases
  • gynecological diseases
  • posttraumatic conditions
  • neurological diseases
  • peripheral vessels diseases

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