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Ovčar Banja

Ovčar Banja spa is located 150km south from Belgrade (by highway Belgrade-Čačak), and only 18km from the town of Čačak. It is situated in the very heart of Ovčarsko-kablarska klisura, canyon of the river Zapadna Morava (West Morava). At 279m above sea level, it is surrounded by mountains Ovčar and Kablar. Its thermal-mineral waters of 35 to 38 celsius degree, contain vast variety of macro and micro chemical elements (calcium, sodium, potassium, lithium, rubidium, cesium, strontium...).

This magnificent canyon is preserved by the state of Serbia as a natural resource. It is also of great cultural and historical importance. There are many medieval monasteries, the priceless cultural heritage.

Breathtaking scenery, rich cultural and historical heritage, vast variety of flora and funa, traced paths for mountaineers and alpinists, as well as the thermal-mineral waters of Ovčar Banja spa, make this unique place a great tourist destination.

Ovčar Banja Spa

Medical indications:

  • rheumatic and degenerative rheumatism diseases
  • spondylosis, arthrosis
  • convalescence after bone fractures
  • dermatological diseases

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