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Subotica is situated on the far north of Serbia on the border with Hungary. Being populated by many different nationalities it represents beautiful blend of different cultures. Because of that you should pay attention to architectural sites in Subotica such as Catholic and Orthodox churches, Synagog, City Library, "Rajhl" palace... You will enjoy this peaceful, slow and calm city, with many beer gardens opened during the summer, where you can have a glass of locally produced wines.

Things to do

  • Visit the Palić lake
  • Visit the City Museum: Trg Slobode 1, tel: +381 24 555 128
  • Visit the "Dr. Vinko Percic" Gallery: Maksima Gorkog 22, tel +381 24 555 128
  • Relax in one of the many city beer gardens!

Main Events

  • May: International Children's theatre festival
  • Third week of July: International film festival "Palić"
  • August: "Duzijanca" end of harvest celebration
  • Beginning of fall: "Berberski dani" fruit picking celebration

Subotica Hotels

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