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Security Tips for Visitors

The places in Serbia are all very safe; or at least as safe as any other place in Europe, and Belgrade is generally a lot safer than Western European capitals like Paris or Amsterdam.

You will be warned that it wouldn't be safe to go to Kosovo. It is still under the protectorate of United Nations, but unfortunatelly there are still accidents between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians.

Registration with the police

All foreigners in Serbia are obliged to register their place of residence with the local police within 24 hours of arrival. For those visitors staying in hotels, registration is done as part of the check-in process. However, for persons staying with family or friends in a private home, registration is required to be done at the nearest police station.

For all formalities concerning the extension of your stay in the country and loss of passports you should contact either your embassy or the Foreign Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on (011)764-236.

Travelling with kids

Serbia is not a difficult destination for people travelling with small children. Quite the contrary, Serbs are a nation of child-lovers, children are generally more privileged than adults and Belgrade is not lacking of things to do and places to go specifically designed for children (playgrounds, parks, etc). Standards of hygiene are pretty high in most of the hotels and restaurants (apart from the cheapest ones), and all good pharmacies (Serbian: apoteka) and supermarkets stock baby food and disposable nappies.

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