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BBC Travel’s Article: Serbia’s seductive charms

January 23rd, 2013 by admin

A new slideshow article about Serbia by Tamara Sheward has been published on BBC Travel. Titled “Serbia’s seductive charms” the slideshow contains images of some specific images of Serbia, such as the Guča festival, Belgrade nightlife, the ski resort of Kopaonik as well as some not so widely known places such as Mokra Gora, Vrnjačka Banja, FruÅ¡ka Gora and Novi Pazar.

The article describes the Guča festival as the wildest music festival on Earth and mentions an interesting comment made by the jazz trumpeter Miles Davis, who reeled: “I didn’t know you could play trumpet that way”.

The slide on Belgrade comments on the wild nightlife and displays a gig on a Danube raft featuring the local gypsy band Amaro Del.

The beautiful mountain resort of Kopaonik is mentioned as being 3 times cheaper than the French resorts. This may not be a fact, but it is true that you will have a great time on this mountain, it has great ski slopes, great nightlife (all those Belgrade party boys and girls have to enjoy the nights here too!).

There’s much more in the article, so go over and enjoy.

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BBC Travel Article about the Guča Festival

October 6th, 2012 by admin

BBC Travel has posted an interesting article about the Guča festival.

Welcome to the Guca Trumpet Festival, Serbia’s premier celebration of the Balkan brass band, known here as an orkestar. It’s a place where the music is never-ending, the trumpet rules over all, and where anything that moves – from hundreds of stricken looking pigs to an entire buffalo – is liable to end up roasted on a spit. Brass band music is the Balkans’ pop, and Serbia’s national pride and joy. The top players are bigger names than Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga here, and Guca is the best place to see them.

The article nicely pictures the atmosphere of the festival and provides a nice insight into the lives of some of the best brass musicians in the region, Boban and Marko Marković.

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BELEF Belgrade Summer Festival

April 20th, 2010 by ivan

The traditional summer time festival, BELEF is staged in open air or in alternative urban spaces. It unifies theater, music and painting. The festival explores various city spaces and facilities, contents and innovative forms of artistic expression. BELEF strives to reflect the sensibility of Belgrade citizens and artists in all segments of its program.

The 2010 BELEF festival takes place over the summer months of July and August. Visit belef.org for more information.

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The First World Tamburitza Fest – Deronje 2008

June 22nd, 2008 by admin

The first world tamburitza (Serbian: “tamburica”) festival will be held June 27th-29th in the village of Deronje close to Odžaci in western Vojvodina. Tamburica is a string instrument, smaller than a guitar, popular in Vojvodina and Slavonija.

Admirers, followers and fans of tamburitza music will have the opportunity and pleasure to enjoy the sound of tamburitza music during the three day festival. During the informal part of the program, fans of this instrument will have the opportunity to enjoy tamburitza music day and night in the surrounding restaurants. This way visitors will have the opportunity to choose an orchestra which will play as they desire.

At the final night of the Festival, six best orchestras will play at the competition for the festival awards, where performances of all participants will be evaluated by a professional jury.

Besides music, as a basis of the Festival program, many accompanying cultural events are scheduled:

  1. Professional gathering of ethno musicologists devoted to tamburitza music
  2. Tamburitza Exhibition
  3. Meeting of Restorers and Makers of Tamburitzas
  4. Art Colony Exhibition
  5. Hackney-Carriages Parade
  6. Old Timer’s Rally Race from Novi Sad to Deronje
  7. Aero Meeting above the Village
  8. Regatta of Boats, Starting in Belgrade
  9. Welcoming of the Train „Romantika“ Arriving from Belgrade
  10. Folklore and Competition in Stew Cooking

For more information visit the Festival’s official site.

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Dani Piva Zrenjanin

April 29th, 2007 by admin

The Zrenjanin Beer Festival, one of the most important tourist events in Serbia, will this year be held 24.08-02.09.

The Beer Fest is an event which combines cultural, entertaining, sports and business content. It is held every year in the last week of August, and is visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors. More than 20 types of beer can be tasted, as well as the inavoidable traditional specialities from Vojvodina.

There are around 20 programs happening at 12 locations in town. These are rock concerts, pop music nights, traditional music concerts, festival of folk handcrafts, festival of national dances, competition in fish soop (riblja čorba) cooking, chess tournament, motor race, beach volley tournament, fun park, children program, art happenings, ethno show, international fair of enterpreneurs and of course, the competition in beer drinking!

You can check the details on the festifal’s official website

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Red Hot Chili Peppers in Serbia

March 3rd, 2007 by admin

The Red Hot Chili Peppers will be holding a concert on June 26th in the small town of Indjija, located between Belgrade and Novi Sad, as part of the one day music festival named Green Fest, which is to be held for the first time this year.

This will be the only RHCP concert in the region, so a large crowd from south eastern Europe (and wider) is expected. 80.000 tickets have been released for the start, it is expected that around 200.000 tickets will be printed overall. The price of the ticket is 2790 RSD (€35). It will be possible to buy a limited number of tickets on the day of the event and they will cost 3990 RSD (€50). Tickets can be bought online through the following sites:

If you have any problems getting the tickets or need additional info, feel free to ask for help in our forum.

The following lineup is expected, apart from the RHCP:

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35th Belgrade International Film Festival

February 20th, 2007 by admin

The 35th traditional Belgrade film festival – FEST – will take place from February 23rd to March 4th this year. This is the biggest film festival in the region and has always been a perfect oportunity to check out new good movies from both large and small productions.

This year the festival will be performed under the name “Europe out of Europe” and will be of competitive character and involve 8 small cinematographies of non-EU European countries.

The festival takes place in several locations: Sava Center (close to the Intercontinental and Hyatt hotels), Dom Sindikata (city center, Trg Nikole PaÅ¡ića), “DKC” (Kolarčeva street) and “Kinoteka” in Kosovska street. You can buy the tickets in each of these locations or at Bilet Servis at the Republic Square.

For the film programme, check out the official FEST 2007 website

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Exit festival scheduled for July 12-15th

February 12th, 2007 by admin

From its humble beginnings as a student initiated project, the EXIT festival has become the biggest music and cultural event in southeast Europe. Now in its 7th year the festival is a communal gathering of young people from all over Europe who come together over the 4-day extravaganza to celebrate freedom, change, peace andpositivity. It’s an opportunity to exchange energy and ideas, to build relationships, and above all else to party long and hard with thousands of like minded people.

Exit 2007 will be held July 12-15th at the same place as usual – the Petrovaradin fortress on the banks of the river Danube in Novi Sad.

Tickets for Exit 07 are already on sale. Exit have teamed up with eTickets.to to deliver the best value festival tickets. E-ticket purchasers will also get fast entry to the event through their own entrance at the festival.

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