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Getting Around in Serbia

Although the most comfortable way to travel around Serbia is by car, if you are new to Serbia and its roads a safer option might be travelling by bus. The railway network is extensive and cheap, but the trains are very old, slow and unreliable. Buses are generally more expensive than trains, but are more frequent and faster.

Apart from these main means of transport, you could use taxi services which might not turn out that expensive even for inter-city travel and is certainly comfortable.

Taxi Services

Taxi services are cheap and good. In Belgrade, you can catch a taxi on the street more or less at any time of day or night. Getting a taxi by calling the taxi company is usually 10-20% cheapper than catching it on the street. A taxi will usually be available within 2-10 minutes. Here are some of the Belgrade taxi companies and their phone numbers:

  • Beotaxi, 011/970
  • Žuti taxi, 011/9802
  • Maxiss taxi, 011/9804
  • Lux taxi, 011/3033.123
  • Pink taxi, 011/9803

For special taxi needs you can contact Belgrade Taxi. They offer fast, secure and efficient taxi services with competitive rates. Drivers are experienced, knowledgeable, entertaining and English speaking. They also offer mini van and mini bus services for private transfers and excursions.

Air Transport

There are 2 international airports in Serbia. One is in Belgrade, another one in Niš. Additionally, there are two international airports in Montenegro, Podgorica and Tivat. The Belgrade airport is well connected with all parts of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. For ways to get to the airport check this page

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