Seasonal traffic of “Blue train”, “Nostalgia” and “Romance”

April 6th, 2007 by admin

As in previous years, this year the Serbian Railways will offer exclusive programs to their customers: “Blue train”, “Nostalgia” and “Romance”.

Regular seasonal operation of the “Nostalgia” train at the Å argan Eight railway (Å arganska Osmica) starts officially on April 14, lasting till October 31 or longer, depending on weather conditions.

“Nostalgia” will operate every day, from the Mokra Gora station at 10.30am and 1.25pm, with the possibility of optional departures at 8am and 4pm, depending on the interest of passengers. The ticket price will remain the same – 500 dinars for adults and 250 dinars for children.

There is a great interest of passengers for Šargan Eight, and the capacities for April and May are almost sold out. Therefore, tourists are asked to check the availability at the Užice Railway Station.

The museum train “Romance” starts running officially on May 1, operating to Palic. Other “Romance” destinations are: Sremski Karlovci, VrÅ¡ac, Bela Crkva and Despotovac. This year, the “Romance” train will also travel to Smederevo and Jagodina.

The exclusive “Blue Train”, once used by president Tito, will be used for the transport of foreign tourists for circular tours around Belgrade, from the Port and Dunav Station to Topcider. During May, this train will also operate to Branesci and Mokra Gora, Novi Sad and Bar in Montenegro. Lease charges for the “Blue Train” depend on the destination and train set.

For more information, please visit Železnice Srbije

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